Posted by: Lyle | April 3, 2010

Off in a New Direction

A letter(compliments of Corrine at got me started.The woman writing is talking about her Easter outfit! What perfect timing! The hand made paper , also a gift, provided the Easter colors. The embossed paper, the by product of an experiment in metal embossing,adds more texture. And color of the stamps echoes the color of the paper! All this is leading somewhere and it seems I must follow. Meanwhile enjoy the pretty Spring weekend!


  1. Easter eggs marbleized, Easter outfits,
    and great colors. Isn’t this weather gorgeous.
    Thanks for the shout!!! Hope the sump is done for the season.


  2. This is my new Lyle Baxter favourite! I love it!!!

  3. Gorgeous piece for Easter celebrating. Enjoy the spring-y wonders !

  4. So lovely and soft! I adore the embossed paper….


  5. fun play of patterns and gorgeous colors! a spring welcoming indeed – follow on 🙂


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