Posted by: Lyle | April 9, 2010

Fun Mail

I love going to the mail box and finding a colorful surprise from one of my blogging buddies. Corrine of sent this great envelope filled with treasures from her stash.  There were several envelopes with 3cent stamps from the late 1930’s. Several of the stamps appeared on my last post. I tried  to read some of the letters with mixed results. the one I could read clearly was very sad. A young woman was writing about her brother who was in the service of our country and deserted!She didnt say why , but couldnt believe he had done that ! That was just before our entrance into WW2 and I’m sure patriotism was running high. what a tough thing for her!  back to the envelope I’ll let you check out the goodies and do see corrines blog. She does a new collage a day and they are very colorful and eyecatching. She included one in the envelope that I’m going to frame.


  1. Sweet gifties from the talented Corrine ! Enjoy them!

  2. Interesting letter ….. Isn’t it amazing how these old letters are resurfacing to be treasured. I’m kicking myself for throwing out my love letter stash from schooldays. I kept them for so long and then threw them out about a year ago.

  3. Thanks dear Lyle for the shout. It was so fun swapping mail art and goodies with you! Glad you are enjoying the vintage, even though the letter was a heartbreaking one. Looking forward to the next dreamtime collage!



  4. What an interesting and colorful collection to create with and be inspired by!! Finding old letters like that is very cool – I’m going to go visit Corrine now 🙂


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