Posted by: Lyle | April 11, 2010

Deep Purple

New directions sometimes lead to unexpected places!When I painted the background for this collage I was thinking “West”. The blue and rust paper made me think mountains in the distance and the hand writtenfragment seemed to be a pioneer woman”s recipe for some favorite food. Along came the deep purple piece . Twilight time perhaps? Then I spotted the stamped fabric! We moved to the desert ! But if you look under the fabric strip you’ll see a map of where we really went! What an imagination.


  1. Wonderful Journeys ! And gorgeous desert colors…
    Happy Sunday !

  2. Lots of great texture in this one. Love it and of course I recognize that stamped fabric as your very
    own. It is so yummy.

  3. Where have i seen that charming stamped fabric before? Lovely combinations, Lyle.


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