Posted by: Lyle | April 15, 2010

The Mailman Strikes Again

This time the envelope came from Deb( in gorgeous New Zealand.Just look at the envelope! The hearts I carved and swapped with her for some of her artwork which you can see in the contents picture. Good deal!! The tags she got from Jacky Williams at We both love owls! But best of all are all the owl figures drawn by Deb. The “owlish woman” is wonderful! In the bottom right hand corner is a tiny drawing of her vision of Egg Harbor City where I live! I wish it really looked like that! Inside were treasures galore. We tried to arrange them so you could see all. What a treat it was to open this mail! thanks, Deb!


  1. Hi Lyle – well, you sure have done my wee bit of mail art and envelope contents proud! Thank you for sharing with the world my little interpretation of Egg Harbour, lol! I just love that name…what has egg got to with it though? Can you tell me more about the naming of the harbour?? Or is, afterall, just a name?
    Love your stamps and hope to incorporate them in all my mail art.

  2. PS. thanks for your comment re: art not ads. It seems I have more than a few out there who agree with me.

  3. Wooo, what a fun package, filled with inspiring treasures!! I’ve wondered about the “Egg Harbour” name, too! Maybe you could entertain us with a post about it’s origin 🙂 xo K


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