Posted by: Lyle | April 17, 2010

East Wind West Wind

Which way is it blowing today? All the parts of this page were sitting on my worktable-just waiting! For what? I couldnt decide. Then a box arrived  from Karin Bartimole( It  contained all kinds of text she knew I would delight in incorporating in my work! Among the papers was a section from an Arabic language newspaper. Perfect for mydesert colored page! The crows face the wind on a painted and stamped atlas page. The fragile flowers wont last long in the desert heat! I added a few words in Hebrew to Karin’ s Arabic text on hopes of starting a conversation.Would that both sides could settle their centuries old arguements!


  1. Stunning piece, Lyle and the sentiment behind it.

  2. I love this piece Lyle (as you know!), and am so happy the arabic text fit so beautifully into your project!! Thanks for sharing my blog with your pals 🙂


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