Posted by: Lyle | April 28, 2010

The Message

As I moved papers aound the canvas I knew I was dealing with a “crossing”. I could see the message fastened there. I could see the water and the stones. ButI couldn’ t understand the message!Is it a warning to watch my step? Or does it say “”we’ll go on from here”? As  I continue to look at the picture in passing I think the message is ” to be continued!”

close up

The original wrapped canvas is available on our Etsy site,


  1. Not a bad message, anyway… Loving the crossing.
    Happy Wednesday !

  2. I can feel spirit and movement in this one Lyle. Maybe it’s the full moon tonight? Lots going on here and I really resonate with this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lyle, this is fantastic!

  4. I like this piece very much…the soft color and touch of gold (leaf?)



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