Posted by: Lyle | May 4, 2010

When The Desert Blooms…

we marvel at the sight!Fortunately man has not turned every desert in our country into a huge oil field but it seems the Gulf  of Mexico is not so lucky! Several years ago we spent a week on the Gulf coast of Florida near Pensicola. There are several wonderful national parks in the area . What will become of them when the oil spill arrives there? And it will in just a few days! What will happen to the many people who have resturants and markets  where they sell local seafood? Thats just one small section of the gulf coast. Their economy depends on tourists! Who will go to tar covered beaches? Multiply their situation by the dozens of other small towns along the coast! It is beyond comprehension! I cannot express how sad I feel!


  1. Yes, this world has so many man-made messed that make me so bone-weary sad.

    Your desert is a beautiful place. Long it may reign…

  2. So sad, we need a wake up call to change the way we look at the world. So agree with you Lyle, it is so sad….

    Beautiful collage, keep sending those positive healing thoughts into the world.

  3. We heard the news down here, Lyle. I felt very sad when I heard it. Our greed as humans knows no limits and the consequence of that greed is that which we see now in the Gulf of Mexico. I’ve heard the terrible news that this leak could go on for years to come. It is a sad state of affairs indeed.

    On a much finer and happier note, however, I see you are still busting out the coolest collages in the west! I love the colours here – blues and rust are my thing right now too!


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