Posted by: Lyle | May 21, 2010

You Missed It !

Lynne perrella’s workshop “Frida’s Trunk” was terrific.You should have been there! There was the northwest corner of Connecticut.It is a lovely hilly area with many gorgeous homes and attractive places to stay. Our rooms were very comfortable and the workshop area was very large and easy to work in. And work we did 3 days straight-  on into the night! We met many delightful people including Sophie DeCort who came all the way fromDubai in the Arab Emirates just to attend this class and to shop at Michaels!  We dove into Frida”’s trunk and came up with all kinds of things she might have used to dress up her wardrobe. One of our projects was a banner featuring Frida and her adornments. We used black and white toner copies of various photos of Frida and her jewels,flowers shawls etc.Using Portfolio oil pastels we created wonderful ,colorful  backgrounds and costumes. Our backgrounds were large pieces of rosin paper(Lowes) gessoed, textured, pasteled (is that a word?) stamped, stenciled and whatever else we cared to add!Gorgeous color combinations were the thing of the week. If you havent tried the Portfolio pastels(Staples)get a box (very inexpensive )and give them a try. The pictures will give you an idea of the colors. The one with the Hands is Toni’s the otherone mine. thanks for looking!


  1. Wow! These are fantastic. What a time the two of you had….xo Corrine

  2. I really enjoyed reading about Lynne’s workshop and seeing your work is the cherry on the top.

  3. Wowza !!! Frida is wonderfully dressed thanks to your imaginations and wonderful color and creativity ! So cool. As you know, I know how inspiring Lynne can be…looks like this worksop was super Perella !

  4. I have finally copied the student list ..after three days did not know you and toni came from Egg Harbor …before our house fire we lived in Medford and I did a regular trip to Egg Harbor and AC …in the fall we should meet ..i would love to see the exciting things you are creating ….sheri


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