Posted by: Lyle | June 2, 2010

Coming Soon

Coming soon to a body of water near you! Can you give me a better reason for pushing our search for alternative fuel sources? We haven’t begun to realize the damage  the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico will ultimately do! And if we have the hurricane season that is predicted it could be even worse than we now imagine!  Please write your members of Congress and push for more research on alternative fuels! It may not help us much , but perhaps another generation will have a better chance of survival!



  1. Being a fish, I of course, love your fish…wind, wave and sun, mantra to keep repeating, wind, wave and sun. It should be simple right? Thanks for sharing your good juju with us Ms Lyle! xox Corrine

  2. Prayers, letters, speaking out, looking for ways to change our own patterns, looking out for the future generations…all we can do. How comes it doesn’t feel like enough ?

    Your piece is wonderful, Lyle, even if the theme is so hard.
    Cheers to you !

  3. thank you both! we seem to understand now how do we convince the world? one person at a time , I’m afraid! lyle


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