Posted by: Lyle | June 8, 2010


Last week while Corrine( was cutting and stitching  at Squam I was enjoying the mail art she had sent me! we have been working on the same envelope for several weeks. We add, subtract, cover, paint each others work , put a limited amount of goodies and a note or two in the envelope and mail it back to the other person who does the same and returns it! You’d be amazed at the changes ! We have had a lot of fun and learned interesting things about each other via the collage bits that are added! Try it , you’ll have fun too


  1. Envelope is here, in hubby’s car. I can’t wait to see it later with your changes. this is just so fun, to see the transformation. Rebecca Ringquist and a friend have been swapping a single fabric embroidery for 12 years…..xox Corrine

  2. It sounds like fun! Do you photograph each stage?


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