Posted by: Lyle | June 14, 2010

Mexico Memories

When we went to  Mexico the colors of the houses and the flowers were fixed in my brain. The other night while digging thru collage papers I came across some small bits of “complicated” paper Anne Bagby had showed us how to make. Add some acrylic paint, lots of pastel shading and those bits of paper to those colors in my brain and you have it!  My Mexico memories  !



  1. Gorgeous ! And just like I remember it too ! I still have a few of those bits floating around too – I have to be really in the mood to use them in something because they are kind of precious just on their own to me.
    Love love love this !
    Ola Chica !

  2. collage lends itself to travel memories because one can gather papers, and colors and textures from the place visited and the artist can ‘recreate’ the impressions and memories using the papers– wow!

  3. oh how I LOVE the colors of Mexico!!!!

    oh yes….

    Please tell Toni that her package arrived today…wowza! fantastic!

    card’s in the mail.


  4. I can see the colors of Mexico too, you have captured them even though I haven’t been in over 25 years. I still remember Merida! An envelope going in the mail to you soon with some chicago surprises in it! xox Corrine

  5. Beautiful vivid colours thrumming with energy! I love this collage Lyle! I also enjoyed Donna’s comment. Makes me want to dig out my gatherings and collage.

  6. Lyle – these colours are just STUNNING!!! Ditto, too, what Robyn says just above me…so true!! Donna is right…we can take home with us the paper, colours and textures (and photogrpahs too) of our travels to make such incredible collages as this.

    PS. you’re up on my blog.

  7. It is wonderful visiting you and seeing all your gorgeous collages. Your colors and designs are fantastic. I love this direction you are taking. Have a great Sunday… roxanne

  8. Gorgeous colors!! Brings me right back to Mexico!


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