Posted by: Lyle | June 22, 2010

Mail Call

Corrine of Dosfishes and I have been working on one large envelope together. We take turns adding collage bits to it and send it back and forth. She decided it was time to start a new one. The original was getting very heavy! And I think she liked the way it looked. Sooo I just received the beginings of a new masterpiece! We are trying to keep the goodies inside light weight to save postage and also because this is all about the envelope. She did enclose some  some interesting Chicago postcards and some other things  you will eventually see on the envelope! Meanwhile, have a look!


  1. Very cool, Ladies, very cool ! It will be an exercise in letting it go when the masterpeice is complete.
    Happy Gluing !

  2. glad you are happy! It’s all about making you happy. Can’t wait to see what comes back :-}}}}}


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