Posted by: Lyle | June 30, 2010

The Crow Knows !

I was looking at some papers printed in various languages the other night and started thinking about the countries they came from!  I shouldn’t do that! But what occurred to me was that our country is so occupied with Iraq and Afganistan we haven’t heard much about China and Russia lately! They are both huge countries with large populations and growing economies. What do you suppose they are thinking about? I wonder!  


  1. Lyle I’m so enjoying the new direction your work is taking. The layers of papers with script and symbols etc. I wonder what they are thinking about. Let me know if you find out 🙂

  2. That background is gorgeous. And the contrast with the dark crow is perfect.

  3. great mix in your background, I really like this, some posting of envelopes and paper dolls due next week
    when I can get photographing and back in the studio…enjoy the 4th. xox Corrine

  4. I love crows, and this is fabulous.

  5. Lyle, I have the hardest time tracking down your blog!!
    when you leave a comment, you do not leave a link to your blog or website like the other comments I get. anyway, I do appreciate all the lovely comments you leave.. and now I am going to explore your blog some more.


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