Posted by: Lyle | July 8, 2010

The Crow Knows #2

Company is coming! The crow must have read the postcard which was written by three girls in their tiniest script!They are traveling thru Europe and visiting friends! Those were the days ! “What I did On My Summer Vacation!” They’ll have lots to tell!  Do you recall your best summer vacation from your younger days? We’d love to hear what it was!


  1. My best summer ….. on the farm ….endless days swimming in the river, catching my first trout, horse riding at dawn, watching the sun set with friends….. bliss.

  2. thanks Lyle, the posted by ‘alheave’ was confusing me– odd that my email address is not working for you…

  3. My fondest summer vacations at my grandmother’s farm in Canada. Hay rides and fishing in the pond and snakes in the outhouse, yikes! Oh, and warm cows milk right from the bucket, yuck, that I had to drink, but I always remember it so it must not have been that bad. xox Corrine

  4. Hi Lyle – my very best summer vacation was with my best friend Odette. We spent our time down at the beach, exploring, swimming, laughing and eating. I hope as Jason gets older we have lots more fun, memorable summery days like that! yay for summer (it’s the heart of winter here!). PS. I love that the crow knows…we have magpies here. They see everything too.


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