Posted by: Lyle | July 20, 2010

Muslin Experiment 1

I know the picture isnt too exciting but its the background I’m excited about! Last Saturday Toni was rearranging her workshop/classroom. She came across a square of muslin and tossed it to me. “Must be yours “she said! I had been playing with my oil pastels. The muslin was wrinkled. I wet it , smoothed it out and left to dry. When It was still a bit damp I started applying the oil  pastels! mmm! Liked that. I rubbed them to blend with an old rough terry towel. Then had the brainstorm! What if!   T. has a candy/cake makers plastic  rolling pin with raised swirls on it.   I laid the muslin over it and rubbed with the orange oil pastel! Wow.  I love it. please give it a try! I’m going to find other raised things to try too.


  1. Very cool, is that little bits of copper too, or copper colored paper? Envelope ready to mail off in the next day or so….xox Corrine


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