Posted by: Lyle | August 2, 2010

Looking Back

Its August already! What happened to Spring and Summer!I see a lot of running around and plenty of words, but not much accomplished!  In Spring it rained so much we all thought we’d be moldy! The garden loved it! everything bloomed earlier than usual , the birds were nesting earlier than ever and the sump pump wouldnt quit! Suddenly the weather turned hot , too hot  ‘and we all sweltered here in the East! The garden hated it! The Hostas were fried! With the beginning of August we’ve had a cool down. But knowing this area , it wont last! Meanwhile ,I’m going to try to  rescue my garden and work in my outside “messy work “studio  till the heat returns! See you when it rains!


  1. I love all the movement in this collage. Like wild things hidden from view.
    Rescue the plants, you bet! Even though we have rain coming,
    I am still going to have to water all the parched shrubs and trees. Stay cool. xox corrine

  2. I too am having a hard time believing that August is here. And yet this summer has felt like the summeriest summer we have had in a long time for me. Lots of cool water and beach visits have made the heat actaully pleasant not to mention my air conditioned bedroom when I need it.
    Trying to keep the slow mood until the “S” month gets here…
    Love the strips and shadow play, Lyle. Stay well !


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