Posted by: Lyle | August 5, 2010

Bird Housing

In my backyard there is a little building which in the 30’s was a garage. No self respecting car would fit there now! We split the space in half and made a workshop and a “messy studio” of it. On one side are three small birdhouses hanging  beneath the roof overhang. So far this year we’ve had three settings in each house producing 3 or 4 baby house sparrows each.There is a deck nearby where we all sit  in the cool of the early evening and watch the goings on. I’ve had plenty of bird housing when living elsewhere but this is a first for me.I know people discourage house sparrows but they are so funny I cant resist and the chickadees and cardinals nest nearby in the trees. Nest construction is a riot. Someone always spends hours trying to pull a big branch into that little hole. All sorts of urban trash goes inside.  When egg laying starts the Mr. is frantic  trying to keep others away. then the busy time starts when both are feeding babies. Finally, at launch time ,the babies are a comedy team. they walk all over the deck following mom and fumble from chair to chair trying their wings.we’ve had many a fun evening just watching! How relaxing(for us). The most amazing thing I just read is that they can live for thirteen years. Seems like a long time ,doesnt it?



  1. This is a lovely piece. I like finding the hidden birds nests in my yard too! We have a beautiful cat bird and I love watching them nest and flit through the undergrowth. xox Corrine

  2. Love this house. Sounds like your sparrow friends put on a very fine show…
    Happy Thursday !

  3. I am enthralled with bird chatter and bird goings on…

    you captured that bird life beautifully!



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