Posted by: Lyle | August 11, 2010

Dear Flora

The year is 1940.The date on the postmark is Dec.3. In one year and a few days our country will be involved in W.W. II. At that time in our history people were still recovering from “the great depression”.According to the letter this family has moved to an area where jobs are available! One man found a job paying $5.00 a week. Another got work that pays $10.00 a week! The woman who is writing says she will stay home to be with the kids and do the cooking! She even sent a photo!  1940 is a long time ago but things dont seem so different from the present , do they? Wouldnt you think that in all this time our representatives in Congress would have figured out what causes these problems and made some changes?


  1. It would be nice to think that too, I agree, but things seem to be same ol, same ol. Some mail fun on the way to you my friend….love this vintage photo collage…xox Corrine

  2. what an apt collage– the past mirroring the current and vise versa.. so true.

  3. I love this collage and the story that goes with it… roxanne

  4. I’m feeling the history in this collage…. wondering about each child’s story. Life must have been hard.

  5. you are so right…will we ever learn…will we ever just accept our differences, live in peace.

    beautiful piece Lyle.



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