Posted by: Lyle | August 16, 2010

Back To School

Yesterday Toni and I were out shopping for all the necessities that make good housekeeping fun! Stores were filled with parents and children buying all the things needed for back to school! And some that weren’t needed too!Some parents looked to be rejoicing , others just determined to get it over with!  This morning ,as I went thru my people file ,I came across the “Student Prince” returning to University and the little girl who looks to me like 2nd grade! In the northern hemisphere it doesnt matter what country or what century you are from. Its “Back To School” time!  If thats the thing at your house now, please tell us whether you are rejoicing at the thought of more “art” time or sad that it will be so quiet around the house????


  1. Maybe I can figure out a way to send all the dogs to school, then I could get some peace and quiet….xox Corrine

  2. No more back to school time here but I used to LOVE it! Both shopping for Tess and I can remember back to school time for me too.

    In CO it usually meant new fall and winter clothes and wanting to wear them immediately even though the first day of school weather was 90 degrees!

    great post.



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