Posted by: Lyle | August 23, 2010

The Red Bird

This collage is for a young man named Joe. He has spent many months in hospital trying to recover from brain tumor surgery. He still has a long road ahead of him !His wife and young children would like to have him home! We want him to get his life back. The Red Bird is carrying all our hopes, wishes and prayers for his recovery. Please think of Joe as you do your daily chores and wish him well! Thanks.



  1. You know, if I weren’t zipping off to the office, I would be scouring this site right now. I’ll check in again later. I see your good comments on so many blogs I follow, and I neglect to check you out more often! So… fair warning.

  2. What a lovely thing to do and say. Of course we will think of him and send the red bird with recovery wishes his way. xox Corrine

  3. That’s a beautiful and inspired collage, Lyle. He will really appreciate that bird – it is totally beautiful and as such, healing.

  4. Your collage exudes hope and color and life– I ditto your well wishes.

  5. Sending good wishes and prayers. Lyle your collage is all the more beautiful for the thought behind it.

  6. Red Bird energy feels so good, Lovely Lyle. Sending prayers for Joe and his family.

  7. This is so gorgeous, Lyle. Rich and textured. I wish the best for Joe.

  8. this is a beautiful piece Lyle – I am keeping thoughts and prayers flowing for Joe…

  9. A stunning collage. I will keep Joe and his family in my thoughts.


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