Posted by: Lyle | August 31, 2010

Thank You All

As you can tell by the picture the red birds are winging their way to  our friend Joe’s bedside!  Sunday I gave his aunt a photo of the collage, a photo of Jim, Toni and me to jog his memory , and a copy of the blog with all your kind words and prayers attached! She will be seeing him this week and hopes even this will help his memory. Apparently things are coming back but so slowly! Please keep him in your thoughts and I’ll report back to you on his progress!It is hard for me to look at my daughter and imagine that I could look at her but not recognize her! Thats so sad, but as I said things are starting to come back!Thank you!


  1. Prayers and wishes for such a young man and his family too…red birds flying with wings of healing. xox Corrine

  2. These red birds have such good juju, Lyle. Keeping you and your loved ones in mind and heart !
    Big Love !

  3. I love how the red birds soar, Lyle. An uplifting image for sure! Still sending healing thoughts.

  4. Such beautiful collages here. And your red birds are lovely with their healing thoughts. I am sending healing thoughts as well. roxanne

  5. Such a beautiful piece and the intent of the red birds flying to help…just lovely. Sending all my good thoughts Joe’s way.


  6. really gorgeous and thoughtful piece.
    my heart aches reading about joe, and thinking about so many people going through these kinds of trials. during my last week of radiation i met a young woman who was getting radiation for cancer in her thigh. She had been treated for leukemia when she was 21, now in her early 30’s the radiation from her 20’s caused this new cancer. Just as she thought she was done, they discovered a brain tumor, so she was starting again – surgery, chemo, radiation… so many brave souls out there. I’m sending prayers of healing for Joe and his family. ❤

  7. This is so beautiful and so heart felt!!


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