Posted by: Lyle | September 27, 2010

The Envelope, Please

While we were off buying for the shop, the mailman delivered this envelope from my friend Corrine. We have been swapping mail art for sometime and surpising each other,  and ourselves, with what you can do  with one manilla envelope!  Check out the diecut flowers and butterflys that flew out of the envelope!  We both have a Sizzix Big Boy and love it. What a great way to convert  old mail, cereal boxes and such into pretty things for collage. Please enjoy the photos and visit Corrine at


  1. Glad you enjoyed the stash, fly away to your next
    collage. I will be waiting. xox Corrine

  2. The butterfly with the little guy in the last photo is just my cuppa tea. You mail art girls are full of fun!

  3. My goodness, but that is a stash and a half, Lyle! Fantastic envelope by Corrine too. I wish I had the time to continue with my mail arting…but it just ain’t happening at the moment.


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