Posted by: Lyle | October 1, 2010

Evening Shadows

The other day I was listening to too maany outside noises and wishing  I lived in the desert with the next house barely visable. I sterted playing with the oil pastels and saw that I was headed for my vision of the southwest desert!I constructed my house with paper I had painted and pasteled earlier, some rice paper, lotsa glue and added a few stamped rings to indicate how my mind was spinning!  Now I can look at my picture and slip into my hideaway any time! Want to come visit?


  1. Could I have the en suite room with a view?

    • you certainly may! will twin beds do?

  2. Sounds good to me, is there a kiva fireplace too?

  3. sure!! anything to get me away from the drilling, hammering, house shaking, never ending construction zone 🙂
    very rich tones – it does create a peaceful oasis.
    xoxox Karin

  4. Very beautiful piece here… I hope you find some quiet today! roxanne


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