Posted by: Lyle | October 12, 2010

A Quick Look

Here’s a quick look at whats coming down and whats coming up!  We have a large Sycamore tree in front of the house. It provides great shade, but does it shed! All year long!  Bark, buttonball fuzzies and tons of leaves. If the weather is too hot it sheds. If its too dry it sheds! There is an abundance of material on the ground. I wanted to try stamping with natural elements. So, naturally, the tree was my first source. I dabbed the leaves with a mix of yellow ,orange and brown paint and pressed on the watercolor paper. I really like the results. As to whats coming up you see the  partial scull just creeping up. Its a reminder that Halloween and the Day of the Dead will soon be here! What scary things are you planning?


  1. As I scrolled down the page, that skull was the last thing I expected, Lyle! Now that I’ve read teh text, I get it!!

  2. a shiver down my spine….. The leaf prints are glorious in those colours.

  3. The leaves came out great. You really picked up the texture beautifully. Skulls are right around the corner. xox Corrine

  4. Hi Lyle, Pleased to meet you here.
    I’m Kim from Alaska, via Corrine.
    I’ll be back for some more visits soon. Love the skull!
    xoxo Kim


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