Posted by: Lyle | November 1, 2010

Our State BUG !

For years I have been admiring the art work of a young man who runs a service station in our town! He creates the most astounding statues out of all the various auto parts that come his way! A life size Statue of Liberty stands outside the station. All his pieces were too big for me! Last week all that changed. Now in addition to the large works he is starting a collection of small pieces. To my great surprise Toni brought me  a mosquito, the nofficial state bug of New jersey! The piece is nine inches long, four in. high and very sturdy! The artists name is Tom Peterson and you can find him on facebook! no blog or web site so far! Maybe if we”bug “him he’ll do a site just for his artwork.


  1. Lyle, you must be delighted with your mosquito. It’s arty, quirky.

  2. This is great, but better you have the mosquito than me. They can stay in the mid-atlantic…..xox Corrine

  3. We call that our state bird here in Alaska!
    xoxo Kim

  4. How fun Lyle! Laughing at the state bird!



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