Posted by: Lyle | December 5, 2010

Fun Mail

Corrine ( and I have been exchanging large mail envelopes  decorated with our gleanings from junk mail, cereal boxes, magazines etc. Some times they are pretty and sometimes funny! The latest as you will see was  lovely on the outside and funny on the inside.  We try to enclose papers and other goodies we think the other would enjoy! This time  the prize was a clear plastic man with all the body parts enclosed in a bag to be installed properly! After he had his picture taken he had to go with Toni to the hospital where she works in the cardiac dept. for all the grown ups to play. He hasnt returned – Yet! If you’ve never gotten into mail art with a blog buddy you should try it! What an easy way to have fun , try your ideas and learn more about each other!


  1. You and Corrine play so nicely together, Lyle!!!! I love the pretty and the funny.
    Cheers to good playmates!

  2. Heelo lovely Lyle and Toni! Well, I must firstly spologise for not getting here sooner! Crazy days at home camp in Sanson! ha ha! Anyway, now I need to issue another apology. You fell off my radar when I changed the look and layout of my blog a few weeks ago. however, no fear, I have rectified that little error and now you have pride of place back up on my Blogs I Love list!
    One day, I hope to be able to join the mail art ranks again and this posting has me keener than ever! I love the plastic man with all his bits and pieces showing! Great stuff!!!

  3. Your post never popped up until today. Glad you have some more fun things to play with, I am sure it will be morphed and show up on my door another day. xox Corrine


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