Posted by: Lyle | December 13, 2010

Mom Says

Just in case you hadn”t noticed  “It just gets worse around the holidays!”  Thats what this mom says!Just had to have some fun today while my backyard was being dug up to replace a defunct sewer line!  Bah Humbug! That really wasnt what I wanted for Christmas!  The background is paper I have painted and stamped torn in strips and glued down, first straight up and down then another layer going across ! It looks just like the disaster we all create at this time of year! Poor Mom! always cleaning up!



  1. Popped it has, but the last one took a few days, you are right. Sewer line digging, bah humbug indeed. I feel just like that Mom, I cleaned most of my studio yesterday so I could dive into your book/box. I enjoy the crossed strips in the background, feels like my life lately. XOX corrine

  2. I have felt like HER….


  3. Hi Lyle – here’s your answer: it’s 1.20am and probably now time for me to hit the sack, lol!
    Thank you my friend…we had such fun! I always make time for frivolity 🙂

    I lOVE this new work, btw!!! It’s spectacular – such AMAZING colour! I could almost swear that figurine is 3D!

  4. i seriously relate, in vision and word.
    just forced to replace our entire heating and cooling system.
    there goes all attempts of getting ahead!

    peace from here,
    your lady of perpetual responsibility


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