Posted by: Lyle | January 3, 2011

Pick A Number!

Pick a number! Try to find where in the world that number is and tell me that all is calm and peaceful in that place! It seems that there is nowhere in the world today which doesnt have some kind of trouble or strife going on. I dont have a clue as to what to do ,  but I do know that at the present rate we are headed for WW111.   We dont need that to happen! We as a world should know better by now! It’s time we, the people , spoke up!  We want peace! Politicians want war! think about it! Say something! I plan to! I know this is serious stuff but as I paint and collage disturbing things  come to me and I have to try to figure what to do! Thanks for listening!


  1. Wish I knew dear friend, just keep sending out your positive vibes and we will too
    and maybe we can impact what goes on. xox Corrine

  2. Yes, we should know better but man continues to do what man wants to do. I agree with Corrine…. just keep on sending those positive vibes, Lyle. You are a ray of sunshine!

  3. In the face of the chaos and horrible things, I think all we can do is send love out, ferociously love those close to us and keep as focused on what is right as we can. Not an easy job, but the world needs light and love and it has to start somewhere. Why not with us, those who already can see it so well ?
    Light and love to you, Lovely Lyle.

  4. it’s good to put a voice to what is happening in our world…and yes, we should all try to do what we can.

    what can we do??? I write letters, I am concerned for my daughter

    but I also try to think positively and yes, put messages of light and love into the world.



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