Posted by: Lyle | January 17, 2011

The High Road # 2

The other day I started on this and wasn’t happy with it!  Put it down and did other things. Early this am I thought “put more Tibetan paper on there” Those bright red/orange rockets do it for me! They make me smile. Hope you are doing something that makes you smile ! This cold, grey world could use some  happy faces!


  1. Orange always makes me happy. Glad you are having some play time with your gesso pages and that bright orange! xox Corrine

  2. it reminds me of the new year colors that are coming up soon…


  3. ain’t that the truth!! Yes, the oranges light the whole piece up, and both the piece and you, as always, make me smile!
    xoxo K

  4. Even though I was lucky enough to be in FLA last week, I felt the grumpy face of winter here all week this week. Withdrawal I guess ! Love the brights you have added to your collage. What is making me smile ? Snuggling in with the furry kids and my hubby – always good for what ails me ! Oh, and art like yours !
    Heartwarming smiles, to you Lyle !

  5. It was nice seeing your pages in person. I love the feel of your surface treatments. It was hard to cover them up for the winter journal project.
    You should be getting a box from me soon.
    Thanks for stopping buy my blog and for your kind comments.
    xoxo Kim


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