Posted by: Lyle | January 25, 2011

A Letter From Home

Just imagine— you are vacationing far from home. No TV, no cell phone. Peace and quiet! You get a letter from your mother! What on earth could she have to say that’s so important that it cant wait!!!  Do you open it or not!?  Can you solve her problem? What to do?


  1. Of course I open it! I could never leave a phone call unanswered or a letter unopened.
    At this precarious time of their lives I would welcome knowledge of any news good or bad.
    But lately letters from my mother have had sizable checks enclosed as they distribute our inheritance!

    Not nearly as poetic as your collage but that’s the truth!

  2. Oh Lyle, I would have to open it, what if something were wrong and she needed you!!!! Great collage. This face you are using is so enigmatic….xox Corrine

  3. oh yes…I cannot wait for anything.

    Some Olive love over at my place…

  4. Would definitely open it … or worry myself silly. This is a wonderful, mysterious collage Lyle.

  5. mothers and daughters- such complex relationships- my mother writes letters- slow mail for her! she uses plain envelopes and plain lined paper- no computer or email or even the phone for her though I do think she would call if it was an emergency.. I text my sons two words — call me.

  6. Lyle,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful visit and comment on my blog. It absolutely made my day! And this is my first visit to yours, but I have had the greatest time and will be back often. And as for the letter from my mother—-she will be wanting help with an internet problem, or some computer issue that she can’t figure out. She is 82 and is a pretty amazing wiz with her computer technology. I always am so happy to help her when she needs it.
    Thanks again for the visit. It meant a lot to me, especially your kind words.


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