Posted by: Lyle | January 31, 2011

Between Snow Storms

I thought I’d show you some photos from my friend in Maine. His area,  just north of Bar Harbor, has had enough snow already to bury his house! To  get ready for spring, he and a friend redecorated his Antique shop and Art gallery in Cherryfield. They put new paper on the wall and did lots of painting trim etc. All this between snows! Mind you, Maine does know how to clear roads, but I am sure they had to dig to get into the shop! Enjoy the photos and if you see anything that you need more info on let me know and I will send you  the email address!



  1. Great pics, that hutch is nice! Hope you don’t get too much more in this mess to come. Keep warm, don’t know about you but the wind is not fun today. xox Corrine

  2. Oh, what a great place to hang out for a good long while…
    In the spring though, I think !
    May the storm be gente-ish on you down there in Jersey !

  3. I meant gentle-ish. 😉


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