Posted by: Lyle | February 2, 2011

A Sign of Spring???

The other day despite the chaos in my garden I had  a happy surprise. While I was out filling bird feeders and picking up sticks  thrown around by wind and snow I heard birds chirping and tweeting! All of a sudden a cloud of Blackbirds and grackles landed in the trees in the garden!  They were on the feeders in a minute! Normally  this would occur a little later in the winter so it may have been caused by hunger, but whatever it was a great sight to behold! Maybe all this terrible weather will go away  and spring will come— soon I hope!  Stay warm!


  1. Our season is going backwards here this week. A low of 19 degrees this morning and supposed to be even colder tomorrow. We even had some pellets of snow pelting us on Monday.
    Thanks for the shoes Lyle and what fun to see what you added to Corrine’s book.
    xoxo Kim

  2. Wow, that is early for those birds to show up. We have full feeders that’s for sure
    but the usual chickadee/titmouse/nuthatch crew with some juncos/jays/cardinals/and woodpeckers. Never seen the grackles here this early. I wondered if the groundhog could even come up for air? Snowing, blowing and I don’t want to shovel anymore.
    I may just sink under a blanket of white and dream winter dreams- with my book of course. xox Corrine


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