Posted by: Lyle | February 10, 2011

Wishful Thinking!

Sick of snow? Me too! We had a tad more overnite! Enough already! We have had more flocks of robins and blackbirds so I know its coming but not soon enough! Here is a picture to remind you ” Spring is just around the corner!”


  1. A lovely picture to get into the mood for Spring. I am anticipating Autumn!

  2. Waiting on spring but trying to make the most of the lessons of the winter down time too.
    What a treat to see the bird coming home…looking forward to that !
    Stay cozy !

  3. This is definitely Spring- greens and bird’s nest– all signs of spring-and wonderful. I am tired of winter too-

  4. oh yeah…getting the bug here too


  5. i am loving your birds….
    we are under the white new blanket of a weekend full of SNOW!
    ah spring, elusive, fickle lover of so many~


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