Posted by: Lyle | February 28, 2011

Playing With Paint

my friend Mary Ann and I wanted to try  Round Robin painting ala Ro Bruhn. We each coated both sides of rosen paper with gesso and paint then got togather of a Tuesday to paint. I put a cd on the player and we painted , drew, stanped till the song ended. Then we switched places! Painting on each other’s paper! We painted and laughed for almost 3 hours, changing places with each change of tune!  you should try it. On a dreary winters day you forget all else and just paint! We enjoyed it so much we are going to try it again on the backside of our rosen paper this week!


  1. What fun and how unexpected the outcome, great idea thanks to Ro. Will have to try this….xox Corrine

  2. Fabulous results, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon with friends.

  3. sounds – and looks – like you two had fun time together and created a lively musical art piece.

  4. happy march lyle,
    these are so bright and joyous. great bring on spring activity.
    thank you for your lovely support on my blog today,
    i appreciate you so much!

  5. sounds like fun! I can’t tell where you left off and your friend started!!

  6. Awesome !!! Hanging behind the door in my studio is the piece of rosin paper painted at Haceinda Mosaico. Paint Play is such fun !And made even better when you do it with a friend.
    Happy Thursday, Lyle !

  7. What a great, creative idea. You two must have had a lot of fun. And you now have two bright and beautiful pieces as a reminder.

  8. These are great, Lyle! I am picturing the two of you painting up a storm. Glad you had fun.


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