Posted by: Lyle | March 13, 2011

Winter Play

During all the cold, snow, rain, ice and generally nasty weather this winter Corrine(dosfishes) Kim(numinosity) and I swapped collaged  winter themed boxes containing pges we had each worked on – our own and each others! I had planned on showing off more pages today but with the ongoing catastrophie in Japan I feel that this photo is enough to say we three had a good time painting, pasteling, cutting and pasting when it was too cold to be anywhere but our studios!  Today I want to ask that you all extend your hands to the people of Japan and help them the best way you can! 


  1. Hands and heart extended for all of us…
    Light and love, Lyle.

  2. Nature is a force we have no control over. My thoughts have been with those most resilient of people all day. Thanks for reminding us all. xox Corrine

  3. I was horrified when I was confronted by the terrible images they keeped replaying on the news: the tsunami, the fires, the earthquake. Nature is a fickle creature and entirely arbitrary. I have a good friend with family over there and she is most probably beside herself, but I have been away from work so can’t catch up with her. Lovely to have you come by to visit, Lyle. When I changed my settings all my friends’ links fell off too. Pays not to fiddle with your settings on blogger!


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