Posted by: Lyle | March 15, 2011

Where To Begin ?

All day  yesterday I kept thinking of the people of Japan and the horrible events that have occurred there in the past days. And the nuclear events that are still out of control!I kept thinking where would you begin if this happened to you? It could you know!  I still havent figured that out but I did root thru my paper and found a few things Japanese  to create a picture.  I think the face says it all … anger, fear, bewilderment, pain!    Where will they begin? 


  1. Indeed. Where will they begin? It is such a daunting prospect. We’ve had huge thunder storms here leaving us without power for several 7 hour periods over the last few days. A hiccup in comparison to what they are going through but it makes one stop and count ones blessings.
    Another collage that pleases my eye, Lyle.

    • robyn, thanks for looking and commenting. As I watch the news this am the situation grows worse! I just dont know how they will manage! lyle

  2. Where will the begin, with one step. I am hoping things don’t escalate further.
    I watched 15 minutes of news and had to shut it off. I am just going to send out
    positive thoughts and prayer and keep living one lucky moment at a time.
    Wonderful statement in your collage. xox Corrine

  3. Thank you so much for your comments on my Japan photo and thoughts. Seems like we were both on the same wavelength. I know it was most likely therapeutic for you to create the beautiful collage. It is lovely. A nice tribute to a beautiful people.

  4. thank you for this honoring…this love of life and each other and a call out to extend ourselves in love and compassion.

    together…one step at a time.

  5. The Japanese people are very strong, industrious and resilient and they will re-build- it will take time though– wonderful collage.


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