Posted by: Lyle | March 21, 2011

Its Here!

Almost! I know we’ll have more cold and rain, but when I come in my back driveway and see this golden glow I know we are on the right track!  In a few days the little peach tree and the Quince bushes will burst into bloom too. We hung the new birdhouses yesterday . Not a day too soon as the birds have been looking for their former residences! I hope Spring  springs soon at your house too!


  1. Ha! Lucky your, ours have yet to bloom!

  2. Wow, I won’t see forsythia for another month and a half at least.
    Lucky you. xox Corrine

  3. you are way ahead of us…but it gives me hope!!

  4. such beauty! oh how i love the first harbingers of spring!
    and friends…who place small treasures in painted envelopes and pass them from one heart to another.
    thanks you for your thoughtfulness and generosity.
    as welcome as spring….

  5. It has in some ways – the birds are here in full force but the forecast calls for snow and temps around freezing for the next few days. A little too cold for real springy feeling yet ! But we are close !
    How wonderful to have that yellow burst ! Enjoy, Lyle ! Happy Spring !


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