Posted by: Lyle | April 25, 2011

More Fun!

I’ve been carving some basic stamps for a project my friend, Mary Ann, and I are doing. After the surprise I got when I put two stamps together and came up with “the firecracker lady ” a couple of weeks ago I decided to try that again. You’ll have to try it. Its fun and challenging. In the photo the red stamps are the original ones. the brown ones are new. this time I thought a little about what would fit together before I carved. I am pleased and will try more. Maybe I can create ones that work inside a big one to make a tile when they are put together. Stay tuned!


  1. Wow, Lyle, these are great, so simple yet can do so much with them in combination. Keep making more!!! xox Corrine

  2. oh yes…this is SOOOO addicting, this stamp carving thing!


  3. Your art is just so great these days, Lyle. The stamps have such a Lyle feel to them. I was lucky enough to receive a recycled Lyle Kitty Cat Stamped envelope from Corrine the other day full of goodies to add to my own work. The good stuff gets around.
    Have a great weekend !

  4. Lyle, I’m still alive! See my explanation below, in your previous posting. Loving these stamp experiments. I’d never have thought to make pictures with my stamps? How strange of me…


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