Posted by: Lyle | May 3, 2011

more stamps!

I’m back again with  more bright ideas.  I drew and carved a border which will fit any of the simple stamps I have carved for this project. Then what to do about the blank center? Didnt want to eliminate so what to do because when you ink the border some gets on the blank part! Make a mask! That works. I stamped inside the border for you to see. Any smaller stamp will fit in .Try a few and see what you like! Thats it for the stamp department for a while! Hope  you got some ideas too!


  1. This border is really cool Ms Lyle. You could fill it with virtually anything
    even something other than stamping, like photos or mini collage or what have you. Great idea!!! xox Corrine

  2. Hi Lyle, I don’t know why but I have such a hard time tracking you down and finding your blog… so that makes me late in leaving comments. anyway, I am glad to find you again… I am very impressed you make your own rubber stamps– I have never made them myself- I buy them :-)– because it looks hard to do… anyway, keep up the good work.


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