Posted by: Lyle | May 9, 2011

Drawing 101

A while back I bought “Drawing Lab” by Carla Sonheim. One of my better ideas! I hadnt done any serious ( or funny) drawing in years and thought it would be fun to try. I have had a ball! There are 52 exercises in the book. Every evening possible I turn PBS on the tv and get out the drawing tools. It was hard at first, but I’m working on it and improving! The most difficult is “blind contour drawing”. I drew some weird Giraffes and the bears aren’t too great either  but I keep going back to that exercise. One Lab is called ” Picasso Dogs”. What fun that is! The attached photo is try#2 and I’m still playing Picasso!  It may take me a year or so to do all the exercises but what a relaxing way to end the day! I love it!


  1. Pretty cool Picasso dog if you ask me, what does it eat????? Silly drawing is good for the soul, and blind contour feels pretty silly to me when I try it. Weather here is lovely, cool mornings, warm days and laughing gals, what more could we want. xox Corrine

  2. These drawings really do look like fun— and I can actually see “Picasso” in this drawing– very creative.


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