Posted by: Lyle | May 17, 2011

Russian Icon

The picture below is for a friend. she runs my dentist’s office and hangs various pictures of religious figures in  her office. I’m not quite sure why . She has never told me.  To protect the patients from the dentist perhaps! The figure is from a flyer sent by theMuseum of Russian Icons  in Clinton. Mass. If you ever have the chance do go see their great collection and the delightful town of Clinton!  Back to the picture — behind it is some wonderful handmade paper from a talented artist in Australia. The bubbles just seemed the right touch!. The base is rosen paper that I decorated with pastels. funny how such disparate things go well together. Toni mounted the pic on some mat board for stability. When I go to the dentist in  a couple of weeks I’ll leave it for my friend. She’ll be surprised!


  1. What a lovely gift for your friend. Clinton IS charming. Did you hear that the museum is being forced to send a whole bunch of it’s collection back to Russia. They are demanding that certain items be returned and the museum is going to comply. I wonder what it will do to the collection…xox Corrine

  2. Such a wonderful surprise, Lyle! She will be delighted.

  3. Love the old Russian icons and what you did with this. Your friend will be thrilled with this gift!

  4. Russian icons make me think of my grandmother, who was Russian. She was not very religious in traditional ways but had a few icons in her house. I always love the golden halos made from circles behind the heads of the figures.
    Lovely piece, Lyle !


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