Posted by: Lyle | May 26, 2011

Keep in Touch

Yesterday I found a little pile of papers- all with words- no photos- in one of my”collage paper” drawers. Dont recall when or why  I put it there but I was happy to find it! I had been  putting gesso and paint on pages of my sketch book and decided to glue  down those papers as the next layer. Then a thin layer of gesso so I could see the words,but not as clearly. On top of that went a layer of pastels and then a coat of transparent fluid acrylic. The final touch was a pair of hands cut from “wordy ” paper.It seems to be a message to all of us! Keep in touch!


  1. What a great find in a drawer, sounds like something I might do and find many moons later, yes, keep in touch, need to do that better, finally a holiday weekend to have some fun creating, haven’t done too much of that lately, be on the lookout next week…..xox Corrine

  2. A great reminder, Lyle. It’s easy to get so involved in our lives that we forget to keep in touch but you are amazing in that department. Have a lovely weekend! Winter has hit here with a vengence. I have double socks on.

  3. It’s hard sometimes, when lives change…but I love the message here.
    whenever I spy a goldfinch in the yard I am THRILLED because it’s such a rare occurrence.

  4. Love hands!


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