Posted by: Lyle | June 2, 2011

What Happened?

yesterday it occured to me that we are hearing little about the situation in Japan. Yes, we hear about the lack of agreement on nuclear policies but nothing much about the people. I was digging thru my photos and came across this little one who looks so lost! What has happened to all those children whose parents are gone thanks to the tsunami? That made me think about the children of  other countries where revolution is going on. What is happenening to all of these little ones. What will become of them? The world they grow up in will be a different place without Moms and Dads to guide them and love them! Hug your babies, large and small, and be glad they have you and you have them!



  1. I was also wondering how things were going in Japan after the tsunami. There must be many people still struggling. It’s so sad to think of the children without their parents.

  2. Yes, how is it that we were so innondated with the horror stories as they played out but now, all is quiet ? Same with Haiti…
    This world needs so much care…
    But sometimes all we can do is love those near and dear to us as fiercely as we can.
    Love to you, Lovely Lyle.

  3. You are right, we haven’t seen much because the news is only about today’s horror, no follow-up. There will be many stories that are forever changed for the people of Japan. Thanks for the reminder, and the envie! xox Corrine

  4. the orphans that are left behind after natural disasters or war-fighting– is such a sad place for these children – I am sure there are too many of them – makes us so thankful we live where we do.

    • thank you all for reading . I cant imagine what will happen to so many children orphaned by the sea! and that could hapen here in the U.S. We are equally unprepared! lyle

  5. Oh, this is so right-on. You said it.
    And this is really touching.


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