Posted by: Lyle | July 4, 2011

One Last Thought !

The complicated paper madness must end but not without one final idea. You do understand I am trying to get you all to try making this paper. Its fun, easy and cheap! This time , when you look at the stamps check out the paper they are printed on! Yes, thats the security envelope your bank statement came in! I have been saving the salvageable parts of those envelopes for some time with no specific Idea of what I would do with them. The  other day the lightbulb came on. They make great background to print stamps on! Try it ,you’ll have fun!


  1. Pattern on pattern, love this Lyle. And it makes a very bold statement with the black background. I was just going through my stash of security envies the other day, now I have some new plans for them. xox Corrine Happy 4th!

  2. I recognize mailer insides I think…stamped upon. There are wonderful.

    happy fourth!

  3. lyle i love this!

    energetic and full of life. you can never go wrong with black, white and red!


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