Posted by: Lyle | July 11, 2011

Window Shopping!

These girls are so busy talking I hope they dont miss the sights along the way!  The background looks like a garden center to me! Just another way you can use your complicated paper. Has anyone out there tried making the paper? I’d love to see what you are going to do with it. A friend said you could make a lampshade with it  if you lined the paper.  That’s a different thought! I can just enjoy putting it together and find a use at a later date. Its nice to have backup!


  1. That would make some pretty cool lamp shades. I think you can also dip paper in beeswax and make a lampshade too, saw it once on a craft show on HGTV Crafters Coast to Coast I think, that show that was on a few years ago. There is also some kind of fire retardant spray that can be used to make lamp shades safe too….Fun images, yes garden center, I see it.
    You ARE having a good time aren’t you. Stay cool my friend. xox

  2. The figures really stand out as the main focus– with all the busyness of the background– sort of like what life is like walking in an urban setting– I can tell that you are having a good time with your creativity.

  3. I’ve just been reading Annie’s post over at Ink Haven. These two figures could be the muses out on the town….. returning home at 4.00am.

    • robyn you are so right! perhaps I should make a background of trees and lamp posts!lyle

  4. Lyle! I’m loving this work! The patterns are really stunning…brava!

  5. This is my favorite of your newer pieces! i also like the way you tie your images into what is happening in the world! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! roxanne


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