Posted by: Lyle | July 26, 2011

Time to Act like Adults

I cannot tell you how distressed I am! Our senators and representatives are acting like  twelve year olds!  This is not a “mine’s bigger than yours” contest! This  is our country’s  future we are fighting about! Please contact your senator and representative . Ask them to grow up and think about all of us! There is no reason in this world the middle class people should be paying higher taxes than the wealthy. Close the loop holes!  Find a way to raise the debt ceiling thats not on the backs of the elderly!  Medicare definitely needs shaping up but it must be done in a careful way not as cureall for  current debt ceiling  problem!  Our country is being ridiculed from abroad . We cant afford this political posturing any more! Get down to business boys! 


  1. If women ruled the world……xox

  2. I agree with everything you said! I’ve suspended watching the news of late because I don’t want to witness the squabbling, inaction, and the bad choices!

    • dawn thanks for looking! please email your senators and representatives. I understand they were deluged yesterday! they need to know how we feel and how this fiasco will affect our vote! lyle

  3. Amen!

  4. I sent an email to my tea party congressman…his response showed that he or his aides had not read a word of what I wrote, that he is not representing me. I also wrote to my democratic senators asking them to INSIST!!! that the corporate and wealthy tax loop holes are closed and that they not vote for a plan that does not include these revenue lines. I’m disgusted with them all!!

    They are forcing us into making ART blogs into Political blogs!!!

  5. Hi Lyle, well, leave it to me to finally get over here and leave a comment when they have finally had their vote and passed a really bad bill with no tax increases on the rich and a bunch of spending cuts on important programs for the middle and poorer groups– we get shafted once again while the super rich laugh all the way to the bank.

    • donna, why is it that we all understand and those #$%^&() jerks dont! as I said in the beginning… what happens now will affect my vote! thats the only way I can fight back since I dont belong to the assasination squad! Am I disgusted! with the whole mob! thanks for writing. lyle

  6. I finally made it back here… yes we are frustrated and yes disappointed… but don’t forget what the alternatives are IF we give up or don’t vote.. think of the Supreme Court in the future…


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