Posted by: Lyle | August 4, 2011

Come Running !

I know we arent in great shape here in the states, but by comparison we are way ahead of many other countries! People in the Horn of Africa are either being murdered by rebels or starving to death because famine has taken over.!Obviously this is not new, but we just started hearing about it this week!  Our political wrangling took top billing  in the weeks before! No,  we can’t solve the problem but if you would like to be of some help please go to for a list of places where you can make a donation safely! A starving baby might live to look for peace thanks to you.




  1. Beautiful post Lyle, equally lovely piece. xox Corrine

  2. Yes, as messy as our politics are.. and how low our economy is going, and the unemployment rising… none of this compares at all with Somalia and other countries mired in war, and drought, and starvation.

  3. Lyle,
    thank you for spreading this peace.

    I love your running messengers…


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