Posted by: Lyle | August 14, 2011

The Garden State

I live in New Jersey  aka”  the garden state”. From the Delaware river, our border with  Penna. to the Atlantic ocean you will find fruit, veggie, and flower stands on any main road.  Some of these businesses have been handed down thru many generations.  Many of the properties have or had on the roadside large trees that have grown too old to be safe. On one of our adventures we found how some farmer had turned artist and created something from a stump! Please enjoy and let me know if you know where to find more of these beauties!


  1. Bears we see up here alot, but the corn, well that is just fantastic. It’s great those roadside stands are thriving isn’t it. Still trying to wake up from a long, late night week, should be sending off goodies all round this week. xox Corrine

  2. love the corn cob! We have lots of these around town too…

    hope you find more to add to your photo collection.


  3. I would enjoy coming face to face with one of these!


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