Posted by: Lyle | August 17, 2011

Many Languages- One Wish

Our hands speak for us in so many ways!  Is there some way we can join hands around the world and say “Enough fighting and killing! We want Peace” Or are we doomed to repeat  history again!  WW2  was the cure for the depression of the 30’s. There has to be a better way! Speak up! Say “peace” to everyone you meet !At least try! The alternative doesnt look good!  PEACE! 



  1. Reach out a hand yes, if we become familiar and open, maybe we can make some changes. xox Corrine

  2. I join hands with you…

  3. I wish for the same thing.. PEACE… I guess all we can do is join hand and keep repeating it…

  4. Lyle (may I call you Lyle?) I love this image. Very textural and striking. You are so right on. I feel it.

  5. Love the image… and totally agree with the words… PEACE!

  6. Great image Lyle (I like the colour combination too). I definitely agree. Peace please!!

  7. World peace is not in my reach today but peace within my own spot in the Universe is. Going there and hoping that the peace spreads that way.
    Peace to you, Wonderful Lyle.

  8. I join in these wishes for peace, strive for it in my own life, and hope I can give some of it to my little students when they begin school next week. Beautiful, vibrant art you share with us here!

  9. THIS IS MY FAVORITE PIECE. I adore it! Those hands!!!

    • This is a fav of mine too! I believe our hands convey many things without speaking. thanks for looking!


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