Posted by: Lyle | September 8, 2011

Old Favorites

Sometime before I married and left my parents home,they went thru a complete decorating upheaval, going from farmhouse antiques to what was then “modern”.Sectional sofas, teak tables and so on. Among the new additions were two African masks carved of wood. My dad had been reading a book on african art and was intrigued. So was I and I am still all these years later. For todays collage I used a Kuba stamp I carved a while ago and a face that has been staring at me from my work table for days! Hope you like my version !


  1. Looking great. The background with your stamps look
    Ike Kente cloth! Cool. xox Corrine

  2. Love the carved stamp work. Great piece.

  3. This has an African textile feel to it… your intention I am sure. very unique.

  4. fabulous Lyle…has the look of beautiful mud cloth.

  5. Very striking, Lyle! It certainly has a n African flavour that makes my heart race.

  6. Love it! Makes me think of the mud cloth of Africa!


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